Japan’s Big Step Toward Gender Equality

I was surprised to see this commercial on TV, especially in a gender-biased society as Japan but it bodes well for the nation especially when Prime Minister Abe is looking to have more women in the workforce and promote greater equality at the workplace.

(Japanese only)

For the benefit of those who don’t understand what’s going on, below’s a rough translation:

Boy: Konno!
Girl: Nishiyama…
Boy: I…
Girl: Hm?
Boy: I will enter law school, become a lawyer, run for election, become the prime minister, and make you the First Lady. Will you be my girlfr…
Girl: Sorry. I want to be the prime minister.

And then the narration says that the Yomiuri newspaper for junior and senior high school students is now on sale for teens who have limitless possibilities.

That’s one huge step for women in breaking out of the frame.


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