How to Speak Akita Dialect with Just 「ね」

The difference between Japanese dialects and Chinese dialects is that Japanese dialects are mostly mutually intelligible while Chinese dialects are as unintelligible as dogs speaking with monkeys.

Apart from Okinawa, the dialects that are most difficult to understand are from the Tohoku region which consists of Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Yamagata, Miyagi, and Fukushima. The further up north you go, the more incomprehensible the dialects get. Even within Aomori, people from Tsugaru, Nanbu, and Shimokita areas can’t communicate with one another without problems, it appears.

Japanese language is known to be able to convey ideas in very few words, however, among the varying dialects, Akita dialect takes it to a whole new level in that “ね (ne)” can take up the bulk of the conversation. I figured that this post would get very confusing if I translate every single term below so, I’m just gonna write it in Japanese.

寝なきゃいけないのに寝れないじゃん=ねねば~ねのにねれねねぇ~(nenebane noni nerenene)

So now you can speak Japanese with just ね、ね!


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