I used to be repulsive toward switching from Friendster to Facebook. I’m not sure if that was a sign that I was repulsive toward change. Since I already had an SNS account with all my friends on it, why would I need another one? It didn’t make sense. Regardless, people kept sending invites that I would ignore but one day, when I saw Sis playing a game on Facebook, I decided to sign up for an account.

I’m not a big gamer but games like the Traveler IQ Challenge, Typing Maniac, etc. are totally my kind of games. They don’t take long to finish unlike RPG games, and they help me understand how slow and stupid I am. So, I didn’t add anyone on Facebook since I was just there for the games. But the more savvy friends always manage to find me and add me there. Gradually, almost all my friends from Friendster and more are on my Facebook account. And Friendster’s attempt to mimic Facebook was at best futile. No reason to go back then.

When I got tired of the games, and more developers began to release Sims-like games, I gave up on them and actually began using Facebook the way it was created for. I began to post status updates, and enjoyed reading my friends updates so I often knew how they are doing, and what they are doing (sometimes too much). But it was a good platform to keep myself abreast with my friends’ latest situations. Like many, I began to spend more and more time on Facebook… until recently. Facebook has grown less and less attractive to use because people are no longer using it for purposes that it was made for. Instead of my friends’ updates on Facebook, all I see on my Newsfeed is shared articles and videos. Nothing else. If I want to read an article or watch somebody else’s videos, I wouldn’t be on Facebook. I don’t need Facebook. I can read Huffington Post, Yahoo! News, or watch Youtube videos by myself. I have the ability and knowledge to enter the URLs into the browser myself. Even if I don’t, I know to use search engines such as Google.

To no fault of the company, I might just totally stop using it in the near future.

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