Singaporean in Japan and Singaporean Japan

Recently, L told me she can boast that she knows me, a “famous” Singaporean in Japan. Reason being that if you enter the search term “Singaporean in Japan” in Google, this blog would return as the top result, while searching for “Singaporean Japan” would see me come in second. I tried searching both terms and sure enough, this page was returned in the positions listed above, although I technically appeared third under “Singaporean Japan” after two of the Japanese Embassy in Singapore’s pages.

A couple of years ago, when one of my ex-colleagues suddenly told me “Wow, you’re famous!” I was curious what she was trying to say. Turns out, they hired a new staff who had been reading this blog as well. Interestingly, this blog doesn’t have as big a readership as it appears, if it does appear to have a large following at all. 120+ followers isn’t enough to make money.

Come to think of it, I’ve never told any of my friends about this blog nor asked any of them to read it except during the period when I found it amusing someone actually tried to start an argument by throwing some insults in the comments section. It’s interesting that almost all the readers here are people I don’t know and have never met. Some of them, I met through this blog, but 120+ followers whom I do not know is big for me although it isn’t a big deal for professional bloggers.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to be famous because I’d rather be able to shop anywhere anytime without being bothered or scrutinized.

What’s the purpose of this post? To be frank, I noticed a bit drop in the search ranking so I thought writing this would push me up again. Sorry to take up your time.


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