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I’m a 24 year old Singaporean. I came across your blog whilst Googling on ‘working in Japan for a Singaporean’. May I know, why Japan for you, and how is it like for a Singaporean like yourself when you first went to Japan for work? Like how did you settle in etc. Thank you.


Hi G,
Pardon my compulsion to enumerate things, but that’s how I help myself sort things out and remember things more easily, so I shall respond to your questions accordingly.

1) Why Japan for you?
– I first came into contact with Japan in 1998 when I was 15. At that time, when I met a group of girls from Fukuoka Girls Commercial High and visited them at 20, I fell for Fukuoka and decided I want to live in Japan someday. Five years later, I still haven’t lived in Fukuoka =( To be frank, I’ve considered moving to Spain and Korea as well but we shall see how things go. My reasons for moving to a country has so far been largely motivated by language, although if I were to pick up Thai language again, I probably wouldn’t want to live there. I’ve spent five weeks living in Bangkok some six years ago and decided it’s not a place I want to live in.

2) How is it like for a Singaporean like yourself when you first went to Japan for work? Like how did you settle in etc.
– I started off studying at a language school and only decided to try get work at the very end. After graduating, I requested to put up at a friend’s place while I look for work (and of course paid my share of the rent). At that time, he just moved in to the new place, so there wasn’t Internet connection and I had to go to the nearby comics cafe to use the Internet to send my resume and check emails everyday. When I finally landed myself work after around a month, I got my work visa and started looking for an apartment from a nearby property agent, found the place, moved by myself, got my Internet, electricity, gas, and water set up, and registered my address with the ward office. Work-wise, it doesn’t offer much value to talk about my workplace since it can be very different from place to place. I’m not sure what else you are looking for with “etc.” but if you’ve got more specific questions, go ahead and shoot me another mail.

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