Horikita Maki Gets Married

Every man’s dream, Horikita Maki, is married. And to this man with a comb for his bangs.


The marriage of Horikita Maki to Yamamoto Koji came as a surprise recently. At least to me. There wasn’t much news about her rumoured relationship with anyone and she’s only 26 years old, so who would’ve expected her to be married so suddenly, so soon? I would’ve suspected that my lack of knowledge about her love life might have simply been because I don’t follow entertainment news much. But I’m pretty certain that wasn’t the case when the news reports that the couple married after only two months of dating. Two months!

I had thought I wasn’t interested in such nonsensical tabloid news until a couple of Japanese celebrities’ marriages made me realise, I’m just not interested in all things Kardashian. Unfortunately, E! News’ policy seems to be to default to the Kardashians when they’ve got no content. I’d probably enjoy it a lot more if they have the camera on Maria Menounos the entire hour.

Now, Yamamoto is 38 years old, 12 years older than Horikita. As the Chinese and Japanese people would say, that’s exactly one cycle of the Chinese horoscope. Large age-gap marriages are not uncommon in Japan, with the largest age gap so far being between Kato Cha (72) and his wife (26). Yes, that’s 46 years apart, Kato is even older than his wife’s parents, which created a confusion because by age, Kato is an elder, but by relation, he is their son-in-law. Can you imagine calling someone younger than you Dad and Mum?

Back to Horikita and Yamamoto, the pair met when they both starred in a play together, started dating and two months later, my heart is broken. So broken, I decided to end this abruptly.

As if I had a chance.


Isn’t she beautiful?

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