Japan Develops Robot Taxi for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Mobile gaming company DeNA has collaborated with ZMP, a company that makes robots of everything to create Robot Taxi which provides automated transportation anywhere and everywhere. With the touch of your mobile phone (because since you are already addicted to your phone, might as well keep it that way), you can reserve a taxi to pick you up at the spot you are, and direct it to bring you to your destination in the shortest route available.

This robot taxi employs Deep Learning technology and knows you well enough to choose the most appropriate path according to the atmosphere and situation (because since SNS networks already have so much of your data, who cares about privacy anymore?).

On the company website (that mysteriously has its navigation and headings in English but content in Japanese), it suggests three uses for the robot taxi:

1. Nursing Homes
– Hospital and nursing home workers are among the most understaffed professions in the whole of Japan. Even with the lack of manpower, the robot taxi helps offer to-and-fro transportation service to patients, and nurses can then focus on communication and providing better service to them.

2. Train and Tramways
– Abandoned train and tramways due to low manpower can be revived with robot taxis to provide the lost transportation service.

3. Foreign Travelers
– With its ability to handle several languages, robot taxi not only helps offer better services to tourists who do not understand the Japanese language, it also promotes Japan as a front runner of the manufacturing and IT sector, thus improving Japan’s competitiveness.

This could be interesting because with the lack of human touch to everything nowadays, why not make it worse, right?

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