Exercising in Japan

Hi Gaijinhan, I will be in Japan for almost a month from next month; just a holiday – and I can’t stand the thought of not exercising (esp with all the eating and drinking!!).  Where may I go for group exercise classes, would you know please? eg Les Mills style classes, actually any aerobic class is fine too.  I will be all over the place – ie Koyto, Tokyo, parts of Fukushima and Sendai( last 2 places maybe not so hopeful?) so if I can squeeze a couple in I’d be happy.
I tried googling but it seems such classes are not so happening in Japan? Or I am missing links somewhere.  There is a group katana class that sounds interesting, though I am hoping to know of more .. Any advice is much appreciated..  And last but not least I have really enjoyed your entries so please keep writing! 🙂 Thank you.
Ps:I hate jogging so that’s out 🙁


Hi KC,

Thank you for writing in. I’m impressed at your self-discipline that I wish I were half as enthusiastic about exercising as you are. Unfortunately, that also means I do not know as much information on exercising, except a couple off the top of my head.

If you’re up for something more fun but still physically demanding, I was wondering if you’d like to give trampolines a try. Trampoland has a branch in Tokyo and it’s one place I’d like to go myself but haven’t gotten down to visiting the place. More so, since winter is closing in, I would choose to spend my time at the ski park instead. The downside is, there isn’t much English text on the website, so I hope you read Japanese or just somehow figure out the price and system.

The more hardcore Reebok CrossFit might be closer to what you’re looking for and I would recommend that to you if you were a resident.

Last, but definitely not the least, Konami Sports Club which offers Les Mills classes at most, if not all, its gyms across Japan. Again, the site is in Japanese and I probably should’ve listed this first. But if I did, the rest of the suggestions would appear more redundant than they already are. While I would normally try to help you find out if  non-residents could participate and give you more details on the individual Les Mills classes in case you don’t read Japanese, I do have an urgent job waiting for me to finish by tomorrow morning and can’t spend more time researching. Sorry. Hope anyone else reading this has something more valuable to offer.

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