Studying in Japanese Language Schools

I’m a Singapore, 18. Going to poly next year. So after my NS I’ll be 24. As in your post, if I somehow got the fund and go to Japan to study in language school in japan, will my student visa change to work visa upon graduate from the language school?

And how do I apply for the language school? What documents to submit for the proof of financial viability? And how much money is to prove?

– Just call me Jane



I’m not sure if I should call you “Just call me Jane” or if I should just call you “Jane” but for easy comprehension of this reply, I shall just call you “Jane” though that probably isn’t your real name.

Regarding your first question, no. Your student visa will not change to work visa upon graduation. The only way to get a work visa is to first land yourself a job and have the company sponsor your work visa.

How you should apply for the language school really depends on the school. You might want to search for a school you intend to enroll to and read up on the application process. Each school works differently and I’m sure if they have a website, they would have the process listed. Otherwise, you can skip that school.

Regarding the proof of financial viability, you can get a bank statement from your bank. The cost may differ from bank to bank but when I got mine from POSB some 6 years ago, I paid around $20 to get my bank statement. The amount needed to get a visa, again, depends on how long you intend to study. There is no explicitly stated figure but as a rule of thumb, you should have enough to cover your tuition fee and accommodation (incl. utilities) of your duration of study. On top of that, if you have at least US$1000 for each month, that should be safe.

Please don’t take my word for it though and do more research of your own since my info might be outdated.

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