The Shocking Truth about Lake Biwa

The famous Lake Biwa is located in Shiga prefecture. And as I’ve written in an earlier post, when the classy Kyoto residents diss the people of Shiga, residents of Shiga always threaten to stop the water to Kyoto. When it was made known that Kyoto actually paid a lot of money for the water, Shiga residents “forgave” their classier counterpart. However, a recent discovery may change that entirely.

Turns out, Shiga does not have the right to stop water from flowing to Kyoto. Reason being that the path that brings water from Shiga to Kyoto was constructed by Kyoto, and is currently managed by Kyoto, in Kyoto. So how much water flows in is entirely in Kyoto’s control.

A consolation to Shiga is that, Kyoto is ranked 5th in the most number of temples in Japan and that Shiga has more temples than the fallen capital.

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