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I started writing this blog in the spring of 2010 when I just moved to Japan and I’ve met a number of new people through this blog since. Interestingly, one of my favourite people is the husband of a reader with whom I still keep in touch.

I’m proud that most of my readers are people whom I don’t know or didn’t know in person, which hopefully means that I am posting something useful or interesting to people and not just because they know me in person. While the number of readers still isn’t large enough to boast about (partly due to my inconsistency in updating), in the six years I’ve been writing, I’ve received similar questions from different readers again and again, which made me realise that most people reading this blog are looking for the same number of things.

This made me decide to want to offer a service to help you. If you could tell me what kind of services you hope I can offer or how you think I will be able to help you in anyway, leave me a comment below or if you prefer to keep it private, you can submit your thoughts and ideas through the Contact page. In which case, please start your message with #help so that I know that it is a response to this post and I’ll not share details of the message publicly.

The service can be anything such as searching for Japanese language schools, applying to enroll to these schools, getting a mobile phone, opening a bank account, buying a futon, getting an apartment, getting a job, etc.

Once I get the results, I’ll see how I can best serve my readers and hopefully start helping the people on this site.


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