Looking for Writers

Some time ago, I wrote a post looking for other contributors to this blog but eventually decided against that idea and took that post down. There were a few reasons to that decision which I don’t remember now but I’ve finally gotten things sorted out and am inviting anyone who wishes to write articles related to Japan or anything Japanese, however remotely, to contribute to this blog.

There is no particular requirement to the content apart from it having to be (somewhat) related to Japan, but if you intend to write something with strong language, please do include warnings at the beginning of the posts. No graphic/gory images, please. Also, do avoid -ist content as well (including, but not limited to, racist, sexist messages, etc.). * Posts that receive too many complaints will be taken down.

All those interested, please leave a comment here or write in through the Contact form and I will add you as users to this blog to start writing away!

What are you waiting for?

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