The Taxi Driver Who Ruined Temple Yoga for Me

A former client, H, invited me to do temple yoga today. Temple yoga is what its name says—yoga in a temple.

In the morning, we met at the station and decided to take the taxi there instead walking over just in case we lose our way and turn up late, which would disallow us to participate and waste our trip there.

When we managed to grab a taxi and told the driver where we were going, he asked if there was some event going on at the temple. We told him about the temple yoga we were participating and suddenly, he appeared super interested and said, “That must be really fun!” H said, “It’s our first time. Have you picked up anyone also going for temple yoga?” The driver replied, “No, but I think it’s a good idea. You get to see women in their yoga leotards, as good as not wearing anything.”

So his mind wasn’t on how healthy and beneficial yoga would be for our body but more on seeing women in tight-fitting clothes that outline their hips =_=”

Content in the following block below can be a little offensive so you can choose to stop reading here and skip to the part after that.

That probably triggered some switch and he went on a barrage talking about how girls nowadays wear such revealing clothes in the summer and aren’t too bothered about being seen, every time a girl wearing a short skirt boards the taxi, he would glance through the rear view mirror up their skirt. He even went so far as to say, he once saw a girl in black underpants which made him wonder for a moment if that was pubic hair or underpants. My client then noticed his shades and asked, “Is that why you’re wearing shades? So that passengers don’t know you are peeping?” He said no.

So we arrived at the temple and it seemed oddly quiet for a day with temple yoga activities. We wondered if we were at the right place when I spotted the poster for temple yoga. At the bottom, it says Wednesdays and Saturdays. Shit! It’s Friday and the poster doesn’t say Friday.

My client grabbed his phone and opened the webpage where he saw the information. Sure enough, it said 16th, which is today. He proceeded to the reception and asked about it. The guy said it’s only held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We looked at the webpage again and realised…

The entry was posted last year and September 16, 2015 was a Wednesday.

So I didn’t get to do yoga today and the driver ruined temple yoga for me.



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