The Former Nightclub Hostess from Kyoto and Brazilian Girl Who Pulled Down Her Top

I mentioned some time ago that my trip to Okinawa some couple of years ago ended up with me traveling around the prefecture with a former nightclub hostess from Kyoto, and during the same trip, this Brazilian girl putting up at the same hostel as I was, pulled down her T-shirt and asked me to touch her back. Kevin left a comment suggesting I share details about them and it took me this long to come around to doing that. The reason is because, as I get to know more Singaporeans living here, I grow more wary about the details I share here, so I usually consider for a long time before deciding to write something and how much detail to disclose. It’s partly also because since this blog started, a lot of friends and acquaintances have told me their friends and colleagues whom I’ve never met actually read my blog. There are things I’d rather share with people I don’t know in person than with those who know me in person.

Anyhow, contrary to how it looks, I think the entire event was less exciting than it reads but definitely a great and fun experience.

I always put up at this guesthouse in Okinawa whenever I go diving because it only costs 1,000 yen per night even though I thought the owner wasn’t very polite. But I didn’t have to interact with him much so it works for me. And the reason I choose to put up at guesthouses was also because I want to meet people and talk to people. There, I met this really beautiful German girl with whom I didn’t have much time to speak since I was leaving the day she came in, but I gave her my then-business card and asked her to download the app. LOL… business talk. But that’s not the main point of this story.

So it was during the time when I was taking my advanced diving class that this group of other people were taking their basic open water licence course. Among them was this former nightclub hostess from Kyoto. I just thought she was cute but didn’t really think much else and I didn’t know she used to be a hostess then. But who can resist girls speaking in dialect? We had a fun time chatting in the car on the way to the diving area and I had thought that was that.

My course schedule was a little different from the hostess and this other guy so the following day, while doing some work at the guesthouse, I got a call from that guy who asked if I wanted to join them for a meal near where my hostel was. Over the phone, I could hear the hostess calling my name in her all so sweet voice. Perhaps that’s the power of hostesses that draws so many men to frequent nightclubs and pay so much. I went to meet them and we ended up at a karaoke box. As the guy had a sister living in Okinawa and had planned to travel with his sister, he left after karaoke but I found out the Kyoto hostess didn’t have things planned either, so I suggested we travel together and she agreed.

The next day, the hostess said she was going to rent a car and pick me up after my course ended, but eventually she overslept and I told her I’ll rent a car and pick her up at her guesthouse instead. I did and we began going around together the rest of the next few days. We basically just visited the nearby touristy places and had fun talking in the car as well. I was scheduled to return a day before she was and while on the way to send her to her guesthouse before making my way to the airport, she said we could hang out another day if I did miss my flight. Secretly in my heart, I was hoping to miss it even though the logic part of me tells me that I don’t want to spend another 30,000 yen to get a new return ticket and spend an extra night. Never underestimate the power of hostesses. Thankfully, logic won and I eventually caught my flight.

I vaguely remember which trip it was I met the Brazilian girl but she went to the beach one day and I think I had been wakeboarding somewhere else that same day. When we returned to the guesthouse at night and were sitting in the common space chatting, she was holding a cold bottled water to her neck and thighs. I asked what she was doing and she said she had sunburn from the trip to the beach. I said I couldn’t really tell how red her skin was and then I reached out to touch her thigh and asked if it hurt. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she pulled down her t-shirt to reveal her bare back asking me to touch it because my cold hands felt so good on her sunburned skin. I left my hand there a while and when I took my hand away, she asked me to leave my hand there longer and just left her t-shirt pulled down. For the next several minutes, I shifted my hand as instructed across her sunburned body with everyone else watching us, many of the men with such envious looks, I swear I saw tongues and drool coming out of their eyes. For once, my cold hands are put to good use.

I wonder if boobs get sunburn…

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