The Stale About Section

I picked the feature image because I found it funny there’s such a song but I never knew about it, so don’t ask me how it sounds. If you can read the score, play it out yourself and tell me if you find it a good piece of music.

So I wrote the About section of this blog when I first landed in Aichi some 7 years ago. I was there for 1.5 years and have since moved out of the prefecture, and then mostly moving between Tokyo and Kanagawa for the next 5-6 years.

People who have been following my blog for a long time now probably know it, but I sometimes still get questions like, “Are you still teaching?”

No, I’m not.

At least, not quite. I left full-time teaching almost 6 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked at a translation firm for a couple of years, did full-time freelance work for a couple more, went to Google for a year, and am currently at a Japanese trading firm. After hearing that I left my job at Google, some former corporate clients came back and asked me to continue teaching them in private, so you could say I am still teaching, but that’s not my main job anymore. Also, I haven’t been 27 years old for a long time now (mid-30s now, in case you’re wondering). And speaking of which, living in Japan, you might get used to the question, “How old are you?” and the response, “How old do I look?” Don’t ever do that. It’s annoying, even if you’re a hot girl and especially if you’re a guy.

I’ve considered updating the About section quite some time now, but never ever got down to actually doing it despite the fact that the About section is the first page I go to whenever I visit a new blog. Usually, the About section helps me decide how I should frame my mind going into the rest of the articles of the author or even help me decide if I want to read on.

I’ll make sure to update that page soon even though long-time followers probably won’t ever read that page again. But for new readers, I’ll definitely update it within the next couple of years.


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