Moving to California

I recently received a message from a former colleague, who is currently working in San Francisco, about a job opportunity at her company. After a bit of casual chat, I ended up asking for the job description. She seems really excited about my potential move to California, but so little and so much is at stake, I don’t know if I will actually take up the role should I actually receive an offer. The current plan is, if I like the job description, I would fly over San Francisco for the interview and then decide what happens next.

This is a little different from the job opportunity at the Korean startup another ex-colleague talked to me about, because I don’t actually enjoy the role at the Korean company. I simply like the idea of living in Korea but I’ve kind of turned down the role so no Korea for me, I guess. Since I haven’t actually read the job description at this US company, I can’t really say if I would take it up or not. It actually goes against my idea of being unemployed. Well, not exactly unemployed, but I don’t want to be an employee regardless of whether it pays well or not. However, since my trip to New York last December, I could see myself living in “the Land of the Free.” Sure, California may be different from NYC, but I wouldn’t know until I get there. Besides, the warmer climate probably suits me better.

Again, the main reason for my consideration is the chance to live elsewhere. After 7 years, living in Japan doesn’t feel too different from living in Singapore anymore. I crave a new environment, and since I’ve got no commitments here, there is very little at stake. But my current work status is what I enjoy and I fear I may regret the decision by getting myself employed again. Same lamentation when I took the role at Google. Each day when I squeeze into the ridiculously packed trains, I thought to myself, “What have I done!?” Each time I apply for leave to go somewhere and count down the number of days off I have left for the year, I thought to myself, “Why did I get myself into this!?” Further, another 3 years here and I can apply for permanent residency in Japan, but if I leave now, I would have to start all over again. Unless I return to join another company that pays me very well. But that could keep me stuck at being a salaried worker for the rest of my life. That’s where I’ve got a lot at stake. What’s more, Crazy Kim is constantly threatening to fire missiles at the US, and with their long-range nuclear submarines, who knows what will happen to Merica? With China’s Xi’s seeming unwillingness to get involved, California doesn’t seem to be a very good place to be in now, although Japan is in the firing range.

I spoke with Sis about the role and she told me it’s a very good opportunity and if I really want it, I should give it careful thought. But her suggestion remains the same, that I should try to be consistent with what I want to do instead of constantly looking for change. Maybe I should give this a pass.

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