Finally Hooked on Kpop

I was typing an all-new detailed entry for my About section and decided to play some background music to get myself not sleepy. But I knew that if I played music I know, I would end up singing to it and wouldn’t be able to concentrate, so I decided to play random Korean songs and let YouTube’s recommendation do its thing. Chance is, they’ll play song after song that I don’t know since I don’t know much Korean music.

That was true. All the songs they played, I didn’t recognize so I didn’t pay much attention to it and just let the background music be what it should be (i.e. background music). That is until a powerful piece drew my attention away from what I had been doing. The music and singing was so powerful, I couldn’t concentrate even though I didn’t know the song. I switched to the Chrome tab with the YouTube page and saw that it was one singer and three amateurs on a program called Fantastic Duo doing Ailee’s 보여줄게 (loosely, “I’ll Show You”). I got hooked by the performance and spent the next three hours watching the same video again and again and again and again. And again.

I haven’t seen such a great performance in such a long time because since Japan went into the idol boom, there hasn’t been any decent singers on TV for a long long time. So for those craving for great music by great singers, you should see this.


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