Low-Salary Rich Man or High-Salary Poor Man

A survey conducted shows that when asked which man they would choose to marry, most women’s ideal partners are men with low-income but lots of savings as opposed to men with high-income but no savings. This might be understandable from the perspective that men with high income but no savings probably have money management problems, a lack of self-control, or such low self-esteem that they need to splurge and lead lavish lifestyles to feel accomplished. If the income suddenly falls for whatever reason, it could be difficult for them to re-adjust their life to a more frugal one.

However, research reveals that when it comes to actually marrying a guy, women eventually choose high-salary men with no savings as opposed to low-salary men with lots of savings. Hypotheses are that low-salary men with lots of savings might be stingy, which explains their amount of savings. And nobody likes stingy men. That hypothesis could be true but I do not necessarily think that is. I think a more plausible reason for this choice of marrying a high-income earner would be that if a woman gets to control the purse strings after marriage, it’ll take a much shorter time to save a few million yen with a high-income earner. In that sense, it’s easy to catch up with the low-income earner with lots of savings. Even if they don’t get to control the purse strings, it’s logically easier to manage what you already have than try to increase what you don’t. So, reducing expenses is easier than increasing income. Also, well, if a guy is making a lot of money, there’s probably something in him that’s got value people are willing to pay for.

Funny how the choice is between a lot of money coming in and lot of money in the bank.

Where is the love?


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