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Toward the second half of last year, there is a sudden increase in the number of comments on my posts that begin with, “Please do not post this comment.”

I wonder why.

Reading the rest of their comments, I thought they were pretty interesting views and questions that I’d share. I’m not sure if it’s because they’ve experienced flaming on other platforms where their well-intention comments were misconstrued or that some asshole online just started picking fights with them.

In any case, below is an extract of the question I received from L. Not the actual name posted, but I figured the name should be protected since the request is for it to not be posted. But before that, L drew to my attention that the submit button was missing from the contact page and I realized that my contact form plugin somehow disappeared, so I reinstalled it and got it fixed. Thanks, L!


Hi! Sorry, could I ask you something – as an AirBnB host, when you’re asked “This area is quiet, isn’t it?” in these two contexts – (1) in email and (2) face to face when handing the keys over to the guest – what are your thoughts and your reactions be?



I feel like I’m not getting the point of this question because it appears to be a simple question but because of its simplicity, it feels like there’s more to it than what I see. Nevertheless, my simple mind can only comprehend it on the surface level so that’ll be how I respond to it.

I’m just going to make the assumption that the guest in both instances are already around the area where the room is, but in either case, I would take it as a positive statement perhaps because I don’t enjoy loud and busy places. I would tell them, yes it’s a great place to rest and relax. If the location is at close proximity to town, even better. Quiet areas near cities are gems.

But I never have to meet my guests to hand them keys because our unit is password locked so everything is done over the web. I just tell them the password and they can do everything themselves at their own time. It’s more flexible for the guests since they don’t have to be too flustered over unexpected traffic delays.

If I missed the point of your question, do let me know. And also, enlighten me on why so many people are requesting for their comments to not be posted.


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