Licking Tissue Paper

Our company order-made some box tissues as a marketing tool recently to be distributed and it arrived today. Some of us helped with the unloading since the order was in the thousands and after we were done unloading, one of the younger female staff opened up the big cardboard boxes to take a look at design. She shook the box and then later commented, she wouldn’t be able to use tissue of such quality. The brand she usually uses is called “鼻セレブ” which literally translates to “nose celebrity.” What it means is that the tissue is of such good quality, it is befitting of a nose of celebrity status. Another older staff in her 50s told me to find it on Google. Interestingly, she likes to tell me to look things up on Google.

So when I did a search on the brand, there was this catchphrase that reads, “舐めたら甘い” which means “tastes sweet when you lick it.” When I saw that, I couldn’t help but laugh and told that to the younger staff. To my surprise, she said, “Yes, it’s sweet.” I was taken aback and asked, “You mean you actually licked it?” And she responded, “Yes,” as though it’s the most logical thing to do.

Later, the 50-year-old lady came in and I told her about the catchphrase and she too said, “Yes, it is.” I went, “You licked it too?” And she was like, “Of course! After reading that, wouldn’t you?”

Ok, maybe I would.

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