TWICE Debuts in Japan

Korean girl group TWICE officially debuted in Japan on June 28 and made their first Music Station appearance last week. I had wanted to buy their debut CD as I’ve heard their songs in Korean and think it’s not bad. Also, as a form of support for members who left their country to strive in foreign land. On top of that, I expected their biggest hits to be on the same CD, so it would be a worthy purchase.

It’s been some time since I last bought a CD. The last one I bought was about 2-3 years ago, which was ELT’s Every Best Single special box edition kept in perfect condition because I only opened it no more than 10 times and only played the DVDs once. The singles were never removed from the case. But nobody seems interested to buy it when I put it up on Amazon for sale whenI needed some extra cash and selling something I don’t use is probably the best option. That has been my way of saving money. When I run low on cash for the month, instead of digging into my savings, I either try to get more job on the side, or I sell stuff I don’t use.

Before ELT, I bought Hide’s new album. An album of one new song that he wrote before his death and never had released. Producers created the song with computer stripping his voice from his other songs and joining them to create it. The rest of the album were his best hits. It was more like an album of his best hits plus one additional song, but they marketed it as an album of 1 new song plus 10-over best hits. Nonsensical.

The other CDs I’ve bought since moving to Japan were by independent bands and musicians, some of who are my friends.

So, the point is, I don’t buy CDs that much and eventually, I also didn’t buy TWICE’s debut Japanese album because they had 5 of their biggest hits translated to Japanese in the CD, which I think is a horrible idea. I’m not a huge K-pop fan and only really began listening to some recently. But among those that I’ve heard many years earlier when Girls Generation (SNSD) was the “in” thing, Japanese versions always sounded really horrible. While I missed TWICE’s performance on Music Station last week, I caught it on YouTube earlier and as expected, it sounded really bad. Japanese lyrics just somehow don’t go well with originally Korean language songs, especially when you’ve heard the original before.

I’m not sure if having them debut in Japan is a smart move, although from what I read in other non-related news, K-pop groups aren’t paid well due to the system of the Korean entertainment industry and only really start getting their share of money when they debut in Japan. I wonder how true that is.

The only thing I know is, I won’t be listening to any of their songs in Japanese.


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