Scooting Home No More

Some two years ago when I flew back to Singapore on Scoot (because there weren’t any affordable flights left at the end of the year) and wanted to order some food since the budget airline ticket doesn’t include it, I pressed the button to call for the flight attendants and waited long enough for the light to go off. No one came. I pressed again. No one came. This happened for 6 times and still, no one came. Just then, a flight attendant happened to walk by my seat. I stopped her and told her about the 6 times I’ve been pressing and no one came. She very apologetically said, “I’m sorry, but we are very busy at the back.”

Scooting around I presume.

I was stumped that a service staff of a budget airline that is a subsidiary of the world-class Singapore Airlines can offer that as a reason to passengers. “We are busy” should never be the reason given no matter how true that is. But that wasn’t the end. I politely asked if she could take my order and she said, “Please wait. Somebody from the back is coming.” And she scooted off. I was dumbfounded.

Why couldn’t she take my order?

I waited for a bit more and looked at the back of the plane. No sign of any human being approaching. I repeated my button pressing process another 3 times. Still, no one wanted to give me food. I gave up.

I guess the staff of the airline took their company name too seriously.

I doubt I’ll ever use the airline again.


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