Hooked to the Exorcist

I’ve never been much of a game person after graduating from secondary school.

As a kid, I was fortunate to have the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and PlayStation consoles for our entertainment. When I entered polytechnic at 17 years of age in 2000, Sony released the PS2 which marked the beginning of my drift away from console gaming and gaming in general. I had wanted to play Final Fantasy IX then but since it was only released on PS2, which I didn’t have, I gradually grew less interested in games.

Sis’ interest in games lasted longer than mine as she bought the first PSP and Nintendo DS, which benefited me since I also get to play them. She also later bought the X-Box 360, which I think is sitting in her living room collecting dust now.

After moving to Japan, I once bought the PS3 because I wanted to play the latest Tomb Raider game. I also found a Batman game and finished that as well. But everything else didn’t seem very interesting and since they are also very costly, I sold my PS3 within a year of purchase. Last year, I bought the new 3DS for the sake of one game. Of course, I did try a few others before selling it again within a year.

That was the history to my console gaming experience.

Mobile gaming has been huge for a long time now and since many apps are free, I’ve tried my share of them but never quite got hooked to any of them. Some many years ago when Puzzle & Dragons was huge, I was part of the fanfare. When I started, I was like, “I’ll never pay for mobile gaming” but before I knew it, I spent 2,000 yen on it. Damn. But that was the only game I ever paid money for and while I think it was fun for killing time, it began to get dull after some time.

Recently, I downloaded this game called 陰陽師 (onmyoji), which means “The Exorcist” by chance. I was so impressed by the quality of the entire game including graphics, story, and game play, for the first time, I thought I wouldn’t mind paying for this game. I haven’t paid for any of the in-app items yet because I have a financial goal and still have self control but I wouldn’t be surprised if I begin purchasing in-app items because I haven’t been so hooked to a game for a long while. When I try to imagine the amount of effort put into developing this game, I feel like giving the production company a standing ovation.

If you do intend to play the game, do search for me. My user name is ガイジンハン. Let’s get hooked together!

UPDATE: Funny I got invited to join a clan not too long after posting this. I wonder if it’s pure coincidence or that I have readers actually playing this game. Hmm…


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