Can’t Believe It’s Singapore

Singapore appears to be the hot item in Japan now. Since the TV introduced an open-ended gyoza as Singapore-style dumpling, I’ve been getting more and more confused about what is and what’s not Singapore. As though it were an attempt to get Singapore to be the next most visited nation by Japanese women (it’s currently Vietnam by the way), there’s apparently been a lot of programs introducing our country. A Japanese has also opened a Singapore bak kut teh restaurant in Akasaka, which has been receiving rave reviews.

Now, NMB48 is releasing their next single in August titled まさかシンガポール (loosely, “Can’t Believe It’s Singapore”). I was told of this song by my Korean classmate and went to search its lyrics. To put it simply, it’s as always a love song about someone who ran away to Singapore to spend time alone while their lover chases after them all the way to Singapore to fulfill their happy ending. It goes on to describe about the clean and beautiful country, and how the hot weather is a reflection of our people’s passion.

When I heard this song, my snap reaction was literally “まさかシンガポール!”

The music video was, of course, taken in Singapore with shots in Sentosa and the famous Marina Bay Sands building. But despite the lyrics, the video is oddly about a burglary syndicate trying to steal a golden microphone. It also features Suto Ririka, who recently caused an uproar with her marriage announcement.

But what caught my attention the most was “Singapore” was “Singapore” and not “Singaporu.”

Well done, NMB48!

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