Looking for the Hero

While working to expand our business into Japan, I was reminded of a song written by a friend some many many years ago. The friend’s a self-taught guitarist and is very good at it. Even though his dad is a guitar instructor, he never learned from him. But I digress.

The situation is this: Our company is huge overseas but is very new in the Japan market, hence we have a very small reach here at the moment. While trying to expand our reach in Japan, I realized many businesses in Japan don’t want to be the first to try anything new. Their responses would always be, “we will consider it when you’ve got enough reach in the market.” They want us to get someone else first before they decide if they want to be a part of it.

I’ve spoken with a number of potential partners who are heroes in their own right. But they get held back by other members who do not show enough enthusiasm and courage to explore. Each company has at least one hero who is capable and insightful enough to help the business grow, but the environment does not provide ample support to help these heroes. That’s where it reminds me of a phrase of my friend’s song:

They say the world needs a new hero; I say those heroes need a better world.

Soldiering on in search of my hero company!


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