“Walking Dead”

Sometimes when I see people staring into their phones while walking, I feel like deliberately walking into them.

Given the number of people using their smartphones while walking, there’s been cases of people running into one another. It gets so annoying, sometimes, even I feel like deliberately walking into the person staring into their smartphones. I, myself, do look at my smartphone while I walk but I usually take glances and don’t stare into it so that I don’t walk into other people.

There’s been a spate of instances where people target those who stare into their phones while walking. These perpetrators deliberately walk into the smartphone users and try to claim medical fees from the phone-users for “injuring their shoulders.” Their reasoning is, “because you are looking at your phone, that’s why you ran into me, so it’s your fault!”

At non-crowded spaces, the person not staring at their phone should be able to avoid the blind smartphone users unless they themselves are not looking where they are going either. In which case, it’s really both their fault. Otherwise, it’s obvious the perpetrators deliberately walked into them, because let’s face it, sometimes we want to walk into them.


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