The Fake Passport Suspicion

Some time ago, I’ve begun to post an entry almost on a daily basis. The reason being, I started reading somebody’s blog and this blogger posts an entry every day, and I realized I subconsciously began looking forward to the writer’s posts every day. That was when I felt that I should do the same for my readers instead of being lazy.

The past couple of days though, I haven’t posted every day because I’ve been on a business trip and haven’t had much time to write. So, the next time you see me not updating regularly, you can safely assume I’m on some kind of trip again.

While going pass customs at the airport, I recall many people telling me I look different than my photos and not just in person, but also in different photos. Many people say they can’t tell that different pictures of me are actually images of the same person. Back in 2009 when I was heading to Thailand to do my CELTA, at the airport, the lady switched glances between my face and my passport photo so many times, I asked her if I should remove my glasses since the photo was taken without glasses. She laughed and said it’s ok but I took it off anyway.

Earlier when I was getting pass the customs, I felt a vibe that the lady was thinking, “Hmm… looks a bit different.” But being in Korea, I started wondering how often people update their passports. Do people change their passport photos each time they go for plastic surgery? Would customs let them pass if they don’t? And then I recall a Chinese girl whom I ran into on the first day at the same hotel in Seoul. She had a huge bandage covering her head and her cheeks were swollen. It looked like she came to Korea to shave her jawline and it looked so painful. But, if she came over from China to get her plastic surgery, would she be able to return home looking different than the picture in her passport?

Hmm… something to think about on my flight back.


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