Most Beautiful Woman

Some few months ago, I was invited to a friend’s place to catch the most recent Ghost in the Shell (hereafter “Ghost”) movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Beat Takeshi (also known as Kitano Takeshi). This friend, M, is also from Singapore and she was seconded to the Japan office for 2 years because she requested for it, and in the blink of an eye, she’ll be returning home soon.

I’ve never seen or read any Ghost productions so I had no clue what the story is about but another friend strongly recommended it. He loves the story so much, when I asked him which production I should catch, he said, “Any one.”

So while we were watching the movie, M suddenly commented, “Wow, I love Scarlett Johansson. She’s the most beautiful woman ever.” Unexpectedly, my snap reaction was, “No…” Sure, I think Scarlett Johansson is beautiful but the most beautiful woman has to be Kate Beckinsale. If God were scored on the beauty of each human created, Kate Beckinsale would be the one that got him an A*. When I said that to M, she immediately responded, “Oh yeah, that’s right! She’s really gorgeous!”

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of hers since I’ve not seen most of her movies, but I’ve never seen any person as beautiful as she is. She’s so gorgeous, she’s like a work of art. And because of that, I think People’s magazine’s annual ranking of the top 100 most beautiful women is crap because no such ranking is accurate if Kate Beckinsale is not No. 1.



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