The Unexpected Heartache

I was casually scrolling through the Facebook news feed as usual when I came across a picture, which unexpectedly caused me to feel pain in my heart.

About a year ago, a fellow ex-colleague passed away from clear-cell sarcoma, regarding which I’ve written in a separate post. It was one of the most heartbreaking funerals I’ve ever attended despite never having been very close with her. I didn’t even know her very well, but decided to attend her wake as a show of respect for the wonderful person she had been in the few exchanges we had. And because I’ve never been close with her, I didn’t expect to cry. But when I arrived, I uncontrollably teared. It was so heartbreaking, I couldn’t stop tearing for quite a while.

It’s been a year since her departure and I thought things have passed and people have moved on. I had also thought since we weren’t close to begin with, the past year would’ve washed away the sadness and it would’ve become normal to know she’s no longer with us. But the moment I saw her friend’s post of her picture on my news feed earlier, I got a shock when I felt a prick in my heart and a rush of sadness rushing up.

Perhaps it’s not how much you know a person or how many interactions you had but how you treat a person in the few exchanges you have.

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