Go Brother Yourself

While I was researching on the non-universal use of the middle finger brought to my attention by L, I came across a pretty shocking discovery. But before I go on, I thought it would be useful to talk briefly about the comment settings on my blog. If it’s the first time you’re posting a comment, it would be moderated before being shown. But once your comment has been approved that first time, all comments thereafter do not require moderation anymore. And I welcome comments anywhere even if you think it’s not related to the post, so don’t worry about it.

Back to the topic. So it turns out, the non-universal use of the middle finger is happening right where I am. In the Japanese sign language, the middle finger means “brother” and to make things worse, alternating both hands with the middle finger raised means “brothers.”

No kidding!

Don’t believe me? Go brother yourself!


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