The Price of Joy

I missed a couple of days writing an entry recently because I had been a little busy. Partly because I was playing a mobile game and reading a book I couldn’t stop. The funny thing about the game is, I don’t have the feeling of “Wow, this is such a great game! I love playing it!” But for some reason, before I realized, I just kept logging in to play.

I had been wondering how much the high-level players actually spent on the game because looking at the shop, the in-game items can get quite costly. So I was asking senpai D about it last night and she said her friends who are at the maximum level spent about $1,000 on it although they are playing less now. My first thought was, “they must be rich” and “what a way to use their money,” because I couldn’t understand why someone would spend so much on a game. But D shared her friend’s logic and I thought that made complete sense.

If it costs $600 on traveling to enjoy for a few days, then $600 spent on games to enjoy a few months is quite worth the money.

Fair reasoning.

I’ve never thought of it that way, probably because I’ve never looked at traveling as a way to enjoy but more to relax and meet new people. But for someone who looks at traveling that way, that does sound like a reasonable alternative to spending the money.

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