The Unexpected Dinner Date

Many of my former clients have become good friends of mine and among them is a husband-and-wife pair. Since we are fairly good friends, they know about the story with my ex-fiancee.

Just a couple of weeks ago, they invited me to bbq by the beach and the wife came to ask me if I was traumatized by the experience so much I never want to date Japanese women again, and she followed up with, “I have a friend but she lives very far from you, is that ok?” I laughed it off.

A few days later, she and her husband created a group message and asked if I wanted to catch a stage performance by world-renowned performers that her company organized as she could get me tickets for free. The show looked very interesting and so I said yes.

I had planned to go alone when the husband asked, “Alone? Or with friends?” So I decided to joke with him and said, “Can you find a girl for me?” And to my surprise, he said, “Of course! It’s time to find a girl who likes Singapore.” And I went, “No, please find a girl who likes me.” And we both laughed over it.

Why would I want to date a girl who likes Singapore instead of me right?

Immediately after, I invited a friend to catch it with me and notified them that I wanted two tickets. Then I got off my phone and got back to work. For the next several hours or so, my phone decided to not notify me about new messages coming in and so I didn’t look at it till the next morning, when I turned on my phone, I got 10 over message notifications coming in all at once.

I opened up the chat and there, the husband was asking if I was ok with the wife’s friend and the wife wrote a whole lot of message saying that she had already asked her friend and her friend said she can meet me on any weekday. Before I knew it, I got a date tomorrow night and just the two of us will be meeting as the wife won’t be there. And I don’t even know anything about the girl or what she looks like except for one very low-resolution picture.

A bigger mystery than meeting someone through dating apps.


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