Old Men and Fish

My office recently got a new fish tank and it got some new residents including a number of Mickey Mouse Platy Fish.

I’ve never heard of such a breed of fish till now. When I first overheard the shop staff, who came over to set it up for us, say “that’s a Mickey fish,” I thought it was just by pure coincidence that the fish had a hidden-Mickey-like print on its tail. But when I went over to take a look, all the fish of the same breed had that print.

I’ve never understood why people would rear fish. What’s the joy in it? As a kid I used to have some gold fish which died in the hands of my sister and I within a month. And then we got them again, and the same thing happened again. And we decided we should not rear fish again.

When we got older, there was a time when rearing flowerhorn cichlid, or what we call luo han yu, was very popular and Dad got it as well. Once, it bit his arm while he was trying to take it out to replace the water. And the impact of it rushing up to bite my dad caused its spine to break. While Dad bought some fish medication to treat it, it eventually died from ill health. Dad then decided to stop rearing fish.

Funny thing is, when we got the new mini-aquarium at the office, I enjoyed looking at it so much, I could just sit there and watch the fish swim. It makes me feel calm and at ease and I actually think I would possibly consider getting one myself.

Is it because of age? Do people appreciate fish more when they get older? At least I do.



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