Feeling Like a Parent

We’ve always heard how parents will always see their children as children no matter how old they get. As a poly student when I felt like an adult, it still seemed like my parents still see me as a child, to which I couldn’t understand. I mean, if you look at the age in absolute numbers, I was 20 years old, about to be enlisted to the army to protect our nation.

Backtracking to when I was in my first year in poly, my baby cousin stayed at our place for a few years after he was just born. He was such an adorable kid with beautiful eyes and super long eyelashes inherited from his dad. His lashes were so long, it probably needs an hour to dry after washing his face. Fast forward till today, he turned 18 recently but regardless, I still see him as the adorable baby that he was the first time he came to our place.

Last year, when I returned to Singapore to visit, and just when I grabbed him and was about to kiss him on the cheek, it dawned on me that he’s already 17. He didn’t put up any resistance initially until I said, “You’re already 17 and you still let me kiss you?” Then he started pushing me away XD

He’s become such a handsome young man but somehow, I still see a cute little boy. So, when I saw the recent Instagram Stories by his elder sister that showed him downing a few shots on his 18th birthday, in my mind, I was like, “Wow, he’s already 18!” But at the same time, seeing that made me think, “Hey hey hey, don’t make him drink so much please!”

I guess I finally understand how it feels for parents to always see their children as little kids.

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