Going for the Marathon

For some reason, I decided to visit a very old blog that I wrote for 5 years from the time I was in NUS till just before I left for Japan (2005-2010), and came across this paragraph that I don’t even remember I wrote. In fact, I don’t even recognise the passage but found it very meaningful. Apparently, it was a quote from Mum:

Getting to your goal is like climbing the stairs to the roof top. You have to take it one step at a time. Even if you want to go faster, the most you can take is 4 steps at a time and having to pull yourself up with every big step. It’s not possible to climb one flight in every stride. But if you and I have a race and you take 4 steps at a time while I take 1, by the time you reach the 5th floor, you would’ve been very tired while I still have the energy to go on because I have been conserving my energy from the start to prepare for the long journey ahead.

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