A Bad Habit

I did it again.

Today, when a client called to ask if I could take on a part of their large project, I said yes and agreed to do almost a third of it. It’s split into two deadlines: One to be submitted on Monday morning, and the other on Wednesday. This despite me having already received another assignment from a different client also to be submitted on Monday; and despite having a packed schedule this weekend.

When I look at my calendar, I feel a little exhausted, but I uncontrollably still take on these jobs. That is a very bad habit reminiscent of drugs and caffeine. When I achieve a level of comfort in terms of work load and income, I feel like I should get a bit more work as buffer, so that I don’t have to get too flustered if some of these jobs are lost. And when I have this buffer, I want to push it a little further so that I still have my buffer if I lose some of the assignments. Then, one of the assignments gets cancelled, which by right, shouldn’t cause any problems because I still have my regular income + buffer. But the problem is, having a regular income + buffer + a little more extra had become a new normal for me. So, losing any part of that makes me feel like I’ve fallen below the normal line. And that makes me uncontrollably want to take on some more to achieve my new minimum amount.

Gotta kick this bad habit.


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