Man Throws Bodily Fluid at Woman

Warning: Do not read before dining into sushi

On May 16, a man in Hyogo prefecture was arrested for tossing his bodily fluid at a woman’s skirt. Police caught on to the man after a similar incident happened about a week earlier, and upon arrest, the man pleaded guilty. But what was more incredulous was that, the police found on the man, 4 bottles of his own semen in soy-sauce bottles.

4 bottles O_O

The news went viral with comments like, “What kind of fetish is that?” and “I can’t imagine his serious look while he carefully fills the bottles with his semen.”


Independent survey conducted by a media site revealed that 26.8% of men are aware of their own weird fetish, while 9.4% of women responded the same. That would mean 1 in 4 men are a little hentai and 1 in 10 women are like that. And that is a little disturbing because that would mean, among the approximately 20 men at my company, about 5 are hentai.

Oh dear, what did I just read?

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