Want to Succeed, First Learn to Fail

I’m writing a lot to make up for the lost days of non-updates. Well, actually, I did write them but never published the posts because I had wanted to read them through again before posting.

Anyhow, Ms. D was watching a video when she suddenly commented that she will never be able to learn skiing. I asked her why, and she said that she would probably just keep falling down.

That is to be expected, isn’t it? That’s how people learn. You can’t expect to be good at it at first try. And that reminds me of the skiing and snowboarding classes at ski parks I’ve witnessed countless times. For the amateur, we would likely think that the school would teach us how to not fall. But to the contrary, the first thing these schools teach is how to fall. Because since you are definitely going to fall anyway, it is important to teach you how to fall properly so that you do not injure yourself.

That could be the truth to everything in life. The idea of learning to fall is not to set yourself up to fail, but the beginning to picking yourself up. It’s easier to pick yourself up when you’re not injured, so learning how to fail is important. In other words, learn how to pick yourself up from failure. And that is why grit and perseverance wins; that is why successful business people often have stories of setbacks and failures. Because they know how to pick themselves up.


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