Just Sit There and Do Nothing

Colleague M, who left our company recently, was one of the few staff who worked on Sundays. That was part of the reason why she decided to leave, even though there was another more practical reason to her departure.

I spoke with her a couple of weeks before her departure and had thought she probably felt more relaxed and comfortable that she didn’t have much to worry about at this company anymore and, on top of that, something to look forward to at the next. But she said it was worse because she had nothing to do.

At first, I was wondering if it was because she was spending all her time handing over her work. But as the company was temporarily not intending to hire a replacement, the existing staff will take over what she had been doing and most of the staff already knew how to do what she did, so there wasn’t much to hand over. And the odd thing was, the management told her to not do anything so that the rest of the staff can get used to her not being around. Since the company was still paying her, she had to be at the office and the only reason was, “just in case other staff members taking over have questions to ask.”

I find that very unusual for a company, and honestly, quite an unproductive way to do things. However, it is a fact that the company was paying for her time and she didn’t want to take unpaid leave since she couldn’t afford to get less salary with 4 children still schooling. But, why would they ask a paid staff to do nothing?


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