How to Apply for Amuro Namie Final Tour 2018 with Serial Number

Chelsea posted a comment in an earlier post asking how to apply with the serial number that comes along with every album purchase. Although she mentioned that she doesn’t know enough Japanese to know how to use the serial number to apply, the truth is, the site is not very well done to make it easy to locate the page even for people who understand Japanese.

All ticket applications have to go through the ticket board website, and if you try to get there through the official Amuro Namie home page by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the black button with red text that says ”お申込みはこちら”  or “Sign up here” (if you use the Google translate button at the top right corner), you will be brought to the next closing application, that is application after those for the fan club, and d account holders (apparently, there are also several other collaborations going on such as those for users of Hulu and what not).

Poor design 1:  After you change the language using the Google translate button, you can’t change it back with the same drop down button.

Once you get to the page, there should be a link after Amuro’s picture and before the schedule that says, “ENGLISH PAGE” and you can follow the instructions there, if you are applying for the next closing draw. For those using the serial numbers, read on.

Before you apply for the tickets though, please make sure you are registered with ticket board. Registration page can be found here. If you are applying for more than one ticket, please make sure every other person for whom you are applying the ticket is also registered with ticket board, because you will have to enter their email address that is registered with the site.

For those applying to use the serial number, use this link here. Details are below:

Skip Read through the terms and conditions, and click the “Apply for Tickets” button near the bottom of the page.

② The translation is horrendous by the way, but you won’t be able to apply if you don’t check the “Yes” checkbox and click “Next.”

③ Click on the link to the show you want to catch.

④ Click on “Apply” as though you haven’t indicated your intention to apply enough times.

⑤ Log in with your ticket board account.

Poor design 2:  The password field is in visible text format.

⑥ There! This is where you enter the serial number on the card you find in the album you bought.

* Sample serial number card

The serial number is where the post-it note is covering. People are selling them online so you can get them without buying the album, or if you want more chances at getting yourself a ticket.

Since I’ve already used mine to apply, I have no way to proceed further than screenshot #6. However, the rest is probably intuitive enough and if my memory doesn’t fail me, you have to choose the number of tickets you are applying for (up to a maximum of 4). Again, for the benefit of those who skipped the part written right at the top, do note that if you are applying for more than one ticket, please make sure every other person you are applying the ticket for is registered with ticket board. You will have to enter their registered email address because the company doesn’t want tickets going to the black market.

I just received the notification to my application through d account yesterday. Didn’t get it =( But I did manage to apply for another two rounds, so the next result will be out 12/15, and the last on 12/22.

Come on, readers. Pray harder for me!

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