Results of My Amuro Namie Final Concert Bid

Some few weeks ago, I bought the serial number to bid for Amuro Namie’s last tour ticket and submitted my application to participate in the draw. When I got home, I realized I could also participate in a separate draw using my d account. So I made a second application for a different date. One of the dates was for the second last performance on a Saturday in June, and the other was a month earlier, also on a Saturday in May.

The results of both draws were out recently on separate days and I didn’t win any of it.


in between both draws, I happened to visit the website and happened to catch the application for a draw for official website visitors and decided to see if I could submit yet another application. To my surprise, I was able to and I decided to choose a weekday performance for that. And from the flow of this post, you can probably guess that I did win that draw so yes, I will be going for her final tour next May!

YAY~! *Virtual high five*


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