The Fine Line Between a Caring Adult and a Paedophile

Some time last year while I was helping friend N with his work involving children, a certain event took place that kinda disturbed me for a bit. When N told this to a few other female friends, all of them found it shocking.

What happened during class one day was that one of the girls about 5-6 years old raised her hand and said she needed to use the bathroom. N told her to go ahead but the girl said she didn’t want to go by herself. So, being the kind teacher, N took her to the bathroom since there was no female adult around. Arriving at the bathroom, N told the girl to go in while he waits outside. However, the little girl said she can’t do it herself and wanted N to go in with her. N hesitated for a while and when the girl started whining, he caved and went into the stall with her. But that wasn’t the worst part.

After the little girl was done, she just stood there. N told her to clean herself up, pull up her pants and go back to class. But the girl shook her head and said she didn’t know how to clean herself up. Thinking he’s got no choice, N grabbed the tissue and cleaned up the little girl. If you think about it, this is one 50-over-year-old man coming into physical contact with the intimate parts of a little girl who is basically unrelated to him. I knew N didn’t have any ill intentions as he probably just saw her like his own granddaughter, caring for her. But when N told me about it, I was worried for him.

What if the girl’s parents learn of it? What would they think?

What if I was in his shoes? What would I have done?

What if you learn that your daughter’s male teacher did that for your daughter? Would you be outraged?


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