Gackt’s Mysterious Twitter Profile

On December 28, 2017, in what appears to be his response to a Twitter user’s comment that it’s about time to change his profile picture, Gackt surprised everyone when he uploaded the picture of model and TV personality, Fukuzumi Akemi, more commonly known as Darenogare Akemi. Even more surprisingly, he posted the picture thinking it was another model Triendl Reina.

As you can see, this is a verified account.

This choice of photo confused his fans and many others who replied that he made a mistake and that the image was of Darenogare instead of Triendl, and people kept asking why he chose that image. On January 5 this year, Gackt responded on his blog that because Triendl’s (トリンドル) name sounded like the cryptocurrency Spindle (スピンドル) that he is participating in, so he thought it would be fun to use her picture.

Not very convincing. Especially for someone like Gackt, something smells fishy.

Nevertheless, despite knowing that he made a mistake with the picture, the Darenogare photo is still being used as of now as I am writing this post. This is all very suspicious because there doesn’t seem to be much information about this Spindle ICO except for Gackt’s involvement, and Gackt, who has also been known as Camui Gackt went as far as disclosing his real name as, Oshiro Gakuto, for the first time ever.

A quick search reveals that it is actually not easy to locate Spindle’s website; not even with the almighty power of Google, although I eventually managed to locate it. Further research into the topic brought me to a site that alleges that the team behind Spindle (i.e. Bullion Japan and Blackstar & Co.), consists of the same members of Dragoon Capital, a company, just last year, received administrative sanctions by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) and had their registration terminated for such issues as providing fraudulent reports and having problems with business management (official FSA article can be found here in Japanese).

Such behavior by a musician as Gackt is very disconcerting with him glaringly being unlike the person he is known to be. Having just saw Yoshiki on TV, I find this reminiscent of Toshl’s brainwashing incident back in the 90’s. Hopefully everything works out fine for Gackt.

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