Amazon Fresh Magic

Through Ms. D, I discovered the magic of Amazon Fresh recently. As I live in a slightly inconvenient location, I end up getting my meals from the nearest convenience store most of the time, which isn’t really very healthy. While there is a supermarket down the hill where I live, it is a bit of a hassle to do shopping without a car, so I usually only do it when I get to borrow a car from the office.

When Ms. D ordered groceries for me through Amazon Fresh last week, I realized, not only is it convenient in having groceries delivered to my home, the price is also comparable to those found at supermarkets. And the best part of it is they are also really fresh. Meat purchased from supermarkets usually only last 2 days and so I don’t buy much since I live by myself, which makes it even more inconvenient for me having to keep going to the supermarket. Otherwise, I would have to put them in the freezer, which I don’t really like because I’d have to split up the meat beforehand so that they don’t stick together when I have to thaw them, and thawing itself is yet another cumbersome process because I would have to plan beforehand what I intend to cook and take them out early. But those from Amazon last as long as a week, meaning I can buy more at a time and don’t have to spend time freezing and thawing the meat.

If it weren’t so inconvenient, I would very much prefer to take a walk out to the supermarket like some of you probably do, but if you are at an inconvenient location like myself, give Amazon Fresh a try. I’m pretty certain you will like it.


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