Moving to Japan Preparation: Visa Application Part 1 of 2

Hi, this is D. I’m back, again.

As of now, I have officially accepted Gaba’s offer and am in the midst of putting together the documents for visa application. If you worry that it is a complicated process, don’t doubt yourself, because you are absolutely right. It is truly nerve wrecking. It feels as if they are testing my resolution for heading over to Japan and if it is so, it’s indeed a damn good test, lol.

I have so far read through the super long email detailing the steps at least 12112848123 times over, as well as went through all 4 attachments sent over and I am still confused.

God, bless me with some wisdom to handle this, amen.

Basically, the overall process works this way:

  • Company requests for documents, namely: Passport photo, passport scan, degree scan, degree verification (this is super complicated), letter of commitment to the company, motivation letter to immigration bureau, as well as your CV or resume. All of these need to be mailed over asap by registered post.
  • Because degree verification is not so straight forward (schools can take as long as a month or two to provide this), all the other documents may be sent over asap while degree verification can be sent over in another batch. They accept degree verification in the form of sealed transcript, official letter with emblem/seal/signatories etc, or most efficient if the university has email verification for this purpose.
  • Company will then liaise with immigration bureau for your Certificate of Eligibility (COE), which will be mailed to you when it is ready. This may take as long as 8 weeks.
  • In that COE package, there will be another series of stuff to put together so you can go to Japan embassy in SG to submit an application for your visa, which as of now, I am unable to comment on yet. I expect another flood of documents that need to be compiled e.g. endless no. of passport photos
  • You then take that entry permit with you and next step would be to fly to Japan and let immigration officer in airport process your residence card etc upon entry to Japan

I’m only at 1st step and I feel like giving up -.- Thankfully, Gaba actually provided templates of every single thing, down to the contents in the letter of commitment and motivation letter that you can follow.

Another painful thing I encountered is that I am not allowed to go to Japan while the visa is being processed. That means I can only arrive in July and basically, have next to no time to settle in before the job starts. This is very daunting and honestly, the biggest issue I have with this whole visa application so far.

I shall not even begin worrying about bank, telco, and accommodation. Journey with me here and you shall share my burden about those, hahaa.

I have tendered from my job in SG after much deliberation (honestly, I’ve been worried that I am being too YOLO and making a crazy move) and to know that I can’t go to JP earlier, basically means I have a month with nothing to do when I could be working to earn income before heading over. I can’t help but be worried about surviving in the first few months with unstable income. I mean, I’m alright with not saving a single cent but not so alright with touching my savings. I had wanted to join GJH earlier but as of now, visa application wise, I am not allowed to. Wrong move I’ve made, maybe. Don’t make the same mistake as me!

Till the next step,



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