Hunting for the Rich

During my time at the translation company, I met Y who was in the sales team. Y is from China and she is a very smart person. She actually holds the Japanese national qualification to be a tour guide here. To put things in perspective, passing the test is no easy feat. Test questions include the history of people and places across the whole of Japan. Let me repeat: the whole of Japan. I can’t even remember the history of the whole of Singapore, whose history is much shorter than Japan, and barely the size of metropolitan Tokyo.

Not too long after I left the company, Y left to join Huawei as a translator and interpreter.

Some time later, Y learned that I was working at Google and about a year later, she suddenly texted me and asked if I was still working at Google. I told her I left and asked her what it was that she needed. She said a few of her colleagues wanted to have gokon with people from Google and wanted me to invite some of my colleagues to participate. I told her I could invite my friends and she probed, “Are they from Google?” I said, “No.” And she told me, “Oh, I think it’d be better if they’re from Google.”

I was annoyed.

“Why must they be from Google?” I asked, knowing obviously that they are likely hunting for people with good career, prospect and money. Y told me, “Oh, I just thought it would be easier to talk if everyone’s from a tech company. At least we have a common topic.”

I told her I’ve got friends in other tech companies and she declined saying they just want to gokon with people from Google.

It’s been some 3-4 years and she’s never contacted me since.


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