Kpop Reinvents Advertising

Recently, there’s been a lot of ads of celebrities around Seoul’s subway stations. That’s nothing to be surprised about except when these ads are taken up by fans in support of their idols.

The advertising landscape has shifted and Kpop fans now plan, design and gather funds for these ads and advertise them all across Seoul’s subway stations.

The ads are most commonly run on idol birthdays and their debut anniversaries. While it started at places where many people pass through daily such as train stations, this has rapidly spread to other parts of the city.

They now place ads on screens at the airport.

And buses.

And with the support of overseas fans, ads are even run in New York and other countries!

Now, even trainees from Produce48 are getting such adulation from their supporters and several members’ ads can be found at such stations as Samseong, Gangnam, Sinchon, and Hongdae. Some of these ads are sponsored by fans from China as well and run a few days, and while one is being run, several others are already being lined up. Below are some Japanese members’ ads.

The advertising industry is indeed a huge one. Kudos to the first person who started offering free services in return for ad money. I don’t watch Produce48 myself, but if you’re a fan, you may enjoy seeing some of the Japanese member’s ads in Seoul.

Now we know who else we can approach for advertising money, i.e. fan clubs.

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