X Japan “Two” Deep Red Nights at Makuhari Messe

X Japan will be holding a concert for 3 days at the end of this month titled X Japan Three Deep Red Nights at Makuhari Messe.

I found out about this some time last month and immediately took a screenshot of the poster and sent it to my friend, Y, hoping that he could get us the tickets, which he’s never failed me so far (both for Visual Japan Summit a couple of years ago and X’s acoustic live last year).

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before but a long long time ago, Y used to be in X’s fan club. When his mother also fell in love with X and signed up for the fan club as well, Y realised he doesn’t need to be a paying member anymore since every member is entitled to an application for a maximum of 4 tickets and he can hitch on his mother’s membership. What more, Y’s mother is so hardcore, she also got Yoshiki’s credit card then to get first draw at the opportunity to buy tickets. When too many people started applying for Yoshiki’s credit card to the point that it became very hard to get tickets even with it, they released a Yoshiki VIP credit card and his mother upgraded her card to that one. According to Y, his mother can and will almost always get the tickets not just because of her membership status, but “somehow,” which even Y doesn’t know exactly how. But as long as we get the tickets, the mantra is, “don’t ask too many questions.”

Surprisingly, when Y saw my text, he was surprised as he didn’t know about the concert. But he also responded that he already has plans during that period and won’t be able to make it. All hopes lost, I was banking on D’s crazy Singaporean fan friend M to somehow get the tickets for me if she didn’t mind, but she too has other plans and wouldn’t be going and suggested I join Yoshiki mobile, which I promptly did and tried applying for the ticket for the last day of the concert.

After I applied for it, Y texted me saying he is able to go for the first day of the concert and will ask his mother to try get him the tickets. I thought, why not since it’s supposedly not easy to get the tickets. At least I have 2 chances to get a ticket to catch the concert. And guess what? Not only did I get the ticket for the last day, Y also got tickets for us for the first day. So, now I have 2 tickets to the first day and the last day of the concert =\ too expensive for me… but I already paid for the last day ticket and I couldn’t pangseh Y.

Upon knowing this, D said that X Japan probably isn’t that popular anymore since I could get the tickets so easily. I felt offended on behalf of X Japan (lol, the lame thing that fans do). After all, their tickets were ever sold out within 1 second of release to the public. While I see where D is coming from, and I would likely think the same if our positions swapped, I think I’m pretty lucky when it comes to getting concert tickets.

Take Amuro Namie’s final tour this year for example. I know people who entered the application over 10 times across many rounds of lottery but never got it while I got the ticket at my second try although I entered 3 times in total. And that fact that I got the ticket for the round that anybody and everybody can join rather than those rounds restricted to members of certain services (i.e. d-point club, hulu, fan club, etc.) speaks a lot about my luck, doesn’t it? Besides, if you think about it, X Japan’s concert at the end of this month started the first lottery round only at the end of August, when sales of concert tickets usually begin many months prior (we got our Sam Smith concert ticket this October in May).

But if D had said the same of Luna Sea, I might agree. This is because, two years ago, when I went to their annual Holy Night x’mas concert, even though I won the ticket by lottery, I realised tickets were still available for purchase as the date drew near. But seats were still almost 100% filled so it still isn’t so bad I guess.

In any case, with Pata having been in ICU, Yoshiki just recovering from a major surgery, and Toshl behaving oddly recently, it seems to be only a matter of time before we see the last of X performing as X. Who knows? This might actually be the last.


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