Tackey & Tsubasa Officially Disbands

Following the announcement of their suspension of activities last year, Tackey & Tsubasa has officially annouced their disbandment on September 10, 2018 with a heartfelt letter to fan club members.

In the letter, both members expressed gratitude to fans and shared plans for the next step in their lives. The limelight has been on Tackey, who was rumored to be the next CEO of Johnny & Associates and this announcement appears to confirm that as Tackey shared that he will focus on developing and producing young and new talents of Johnny’s entertainment network.

Tsubasa, on the other hand, announced his departure from Johnny’s in order to focus on recuperating due to health problems.

The duo will technically remain till the end of the year before the official disbandment.

Below is the image capture of the duo’s message to fan club members.

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