Takizawa Hideaki’s Fight for the CEO Position with Higashiyama Noriyuki

As mentioned in this earlier entry, Takizawa Hideaki announced his retirement from the spotlight, retreating to the backstage to focus on developing and producing the younger Johnny’s members. And with that, Tackey & Tsubasa will also disband.

Regardless of what the actual situation is, more and more people are starting to think that Takizawa might really be Johnny’s successor, and his 51-year-old sempai (senior), Higashiyama Noriyuki has unwillingly been drawn into the topic. Looking at the voices online, it appears that many people had thought Higashiyama would be the successor.

Johnny is an influential figure and still runs the company as its CEO at 86 years of age. Since a few years ago, rumors have been going around on whom the next CEO might be. Among them, Kimura Takuya had also been part of the rumor during SMAP’s disband. Takizawa’s name came up only recently in a Shukan Bunshun article that created this commotion online.

Takizawa’s decision to retire all of a sudden has many people thinking perhaps Shukan Bunshun was right about the report, and the online community has been talking about his fight for the position with Higashiyama.

Higashiyama is a legend of the entertainment network, having been part of the popular Shonentai and still maintaining his good looks and proportion in his 50s. If anything, he is the true-blue Johnny’s member.

While we still do not have the answer as to whether Takizawa is really going to take over the throne, this is an interesting show to watch. No wonder they say life is a drama.

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